Loch Nairn golf course was designed and built by H.C. Smedley, in the year of 1979.

The land was originally owned by a wonderful Scotsman who, feeling the area was getting too developed for him, left, buying an island in Scotland where he resides peacefully with his family. H.C. Smedley having a love for Scotland and Ireland, thought it fitting to name the golf course after Mr. Nairn. Because of the many lakes (lochs) and ponds Loch Nairn seems a fitting name.

Originally nine holes, H.C. Smedley rebuilt and added 9 additional holes on newly acquired adjacent farmland. The Smedley boys, ages eight and ten, were introduced to golf construction at this time, and were given the job of picking all rocks and stones off of the fairways. They enlisted their friends as well, although pay was poor and H.C. was a tough boss. It is a wonder they didn’t give up all aspects of golf after that ordeal.

Many water holes were incorporated into the golf course using the natural low lands and water that wandered through the old farm. The additional 9 holes were built mostly on pasture land. H.C. Smedley Sr. personally planted over seven hundred assorted trees which, with growth over the years, have created the beautiful, traditional, tree-lined fairways that are guarded by many specimens of pine and deciduous trees. Loch Nairn is laced throughout its tree lined fairways with streams, lakes, and ponds strategically placed, and there are 11 holes where water comes into play.

Loch Nairn is a shot-makers course that challenges every caliber golfer. The golfer may choose to lay up on many holes or have the excitement of making great shots over water & waste land.

Mr. Nairn’s original home became a restaurant and golf shop. The Barn was used for parties and a dinner theater. In 1983 the Smedleys sold the old Nairn homestead and the restaurant was relocated in the present old 17th century farmhouse. A new unique banquet facility and golf shop were also created. The Loch Nairn Facility is owned and operated by H.C. Smedley, his two sons and his wife.

H.C. Smedley Sr., H.C. Smedley Jr. & S. C. Smedley also built, designed, own and operate The Wetlands Golf Club in Aberdeen, Maryland. H.C Smedley has built, designed, and redesigned many courses. One of his finest creations is Cinnamon Hill Golf Club located on the Island of Jamaica in the West Indies